24.02.-26.02.2017 TADELAKT & GEKOLAKT

Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plastering technique employed to use a special mix of lime plaster, made of lime extracted from the Marrakech Plateau. Special hard stones are used to polish the surface of this lime plaster for compression, and olive oil soap is used to treat it, resulting in hydrophobic properties. Gekolakt is inspired by the Moroccan tadelakt but made using local natural materials found in Estonia. In the course of this workshop, we will get to know and work with these two different materials: the original Moroccan tadelakt and Gekolakt

Training site: Clay Chamber of the Restorer’s House of Mooste Manor, Estonia
Language of the workshop: Estonian and translation into English
Participation fee: 270€ (VAT incl)
Number of participants:
min 8 / max 12
Registration and information: tere@eestimaaehitus.ee +372 56 226 066
Accommodation: Mooste Guesthouse / Arna B&B in Suurmetsa village / Mooste Distillery / Hotell Pesa

The workshop includes: theory, presentation, introduction to materials, practical methods, tools and resources necessary for practical work, coffee/tea, and lunch.

Participants are free to take the results of their experimentations with the materials with them. Any materials necessary for further independent experimentation can be purchased at a discount price set for the participants of the workshops. 

Approximate schedule:                                                                                                                                                                           24.02. Friday - Theory, basics of the materials and testing                                                                                                          8.30 am – Gathering, registration, morning coffee and tea
10.00 am – We will talk about the history of tadelakt, explain the differences between tadelakt and Gekolakt, and get a feel of both materials. Each participant will be able to test the materials, experiment with tones.  In between, we will have an enjoyable lunch, and conclude the day at around 5 pm.                                                                                                               25.02. Saturday - Work with the materials and preparation for group work                                                                             08.30 am – Gathering, morning coffee and tea
09.00 am – We´ll continue the work with materials and prepare for a group assignment taking place the next day. In between, we will have an enjoyable lunch, and conclude the day at around 5 pm.                                                                             26.02. Sunday - Group work                                                                                                                                                                   9.30 am – Gathering, morning coffee and tea
10.00 am – A joint project – all participants are involved in the creation of a collaborative piece, which will result in… what exactly will remain a surprise this time. In between, we will have an enjoyable lunch, and conclude the day at around 5 pm.

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Clay plaster workshop (EST)

Clay plaster workshop (ENG)
Project: How to revitalise earth buildings in South Estonia